Anna’s Life

December 23, 2015

(This is a story by Anna and typed by her Dad)

First, I was one. Then I was two. Then, I was three. Then, I was four. Then, I was five. Then, I was six. When I turned six, I met lots of new friends. My friends and I like to talk, read books, eat pasta, go on trips, go hiking, go to the beach and meet their other friends, and bake cookies. We’re going to do even more this year!

This was my sixth birthday party:


The party was lots of fun. At the party we ate cupcakes, colored, and danced ballet. For party favors, each girl received a tutu. My favorite gift was a Ivy and Bean book.

I’m looking forward to first grade when I turn seven because it’s a new grade and I’ll do interesting things. I hope it will be fun in first grade. I will learn how to read more words.