Rosenfeld Sleepover

June 29, 2011

We had a great time last weekend when MJ, Lou, Iris, and Nate visited…

The Breakfast Smoothie Apprentice


In the backyard

Nishuane fair

June 25, 2011

Our 3rd year

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Young Paleontologists

June 22, 2011

Summer fun

June 21, 2011

Strawberries and water

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Anna on the stairs

She can now get up and down the stairs herself pretty safely.

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Anna eating Euro style

June 12, 2011

We usually keep the knives away from Anna, really, but she climbed up on Dada’s lap to read a book and decided to eat his dinner instead. She actually grabbed the knife and fork Euro style.

Great imitating

June 7, 2011

For the past couple days Anna’s ability to imitate us has really kicked in. I initially thought she just learned a few new words, but she’s getting pretty good and mimicking both verbal sounds and motions like shaking the head and hand gestures. She can also recognize them too. This morning while I was changing her diaper I saw her wag her finger and I said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” Afterwards she dug through her books until she found the Five Little Monkeys book and we read it together.