August 29, 2016


cats ar one of my favorite animals thar cute but Dangoris. I love cats beecas I love dogs. i love dogs. i love cats. cats ar cute.

I love pokemon

June 7, 2016

I love pokemon becas thar are so meny of them to like.


What My Name Could Have Been

April 26, 2016

Dad says, “Here’s the list of names you Mom and I came up with when we were trying to figure out what to name you!”

  1. Anna Juliet Lombardi
  2. Anna Letitia Lombardi
  3. Anna Marie Lombardi
  4. Anna Christina Lombardi
  5. Anna Lucia Lombardi
  6. Anna Isabella Lombardi
  7. Anna Elizabeth Lombardi
  8. Anna — Anna
  9. Elizabeth — Elizabeth Letitia Lombardi, or Elisabeth
  10. Juliet — Juliet Elizabeth Lombardi
  11. Letitia
  12. Ella
  13. Cristiana
  14. Audrey
  15. Ruby
  16. Lisa
  17. Stephanie
  18. Vivian
  19. Sarah
  20. Caroline
  21. Angela
  22. Elisa
  23. Victoria
  24. Nicole
  25. Olivia
  26. Cindy
  27. Robbie
  28. Lutetia
  29. Florencia
  30. Angelica
  31. Annabella
  32. Letizia
  33. Sofia
  34. Stefania
  35. Isabella
  36. Lucia
  37. Irmgard
  38. Camille
  39. Luciana
  40. Ilsa
  41. Nicola
  42. Ariel
  43. Adelaide
  44. Ophelia
  45. Emilie
  46. Chloé
  47. Océane
  48. Amandine

i love to torched

March 25, 2016

jack and me like to torture thomas a lot and this is haw we do it blo  blo blo yay thomas is tortured!



My New Console

February 13, 2016

i have consoles. i want more consoles! i want super mario maker!


New Friends in Other Grades!


My book buddy’s name is Ella. My brother is in her class. I like that she’s a good reader and very expressive. She wears cool clothes. We read in both our classrooms, at the desks.

Quincy is another friend. I know him from aftercare. He is in first grade. I like him because he is funny.

I see Leah at the bus stop. She’s in first grade.

David lives next door. He’s in second grade.

Anna’s Life

December 23, 2015

(This is a story by Anna and typed by her Dad)

First, I was one. Then I was two. Then, I was three. Then, I was four. Then, I was five. Then, I was six. When I turned six, I met lots of new friends. My friends and I like to talk, read books, eat pasta, go on trips, go hiking, go to the beach and meet their other friends, and bake cookies. We’re going to do even more this year!

This was my sixth birthday party:


The party was lots of fun. At the party we ate cupcakes, colored, and danced ballet. For party favors, each girl received a tutu. My favorite gift was a Ivy and Bean book.

I’m looking forward to first grade when I turn seven because it’s a new grade and I’ll do interesting things. I hope it will be fun in first grade. I will learn how to read more words.

Sea Lions!

June 3, 2013


My coffee bean grinders

April 9, 2013

Speak softly and carry a big light saber

April 2, 2013